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Poniżej informacja prasowa o kolejnej nagrodzie dla filmu "Los muertos", który jest w konkursie naszego festiwalu. Pozdrawiam. Roman Gutek

Press release:

Argentinian film LOS MUERTOS directed by Lisandro Alonso and represented by French sales company f for film wins Independent Camera Award for the Best Forum of Independent film. This minimalist film about a man who has just been released from prison and embarks on a long journey through the jungle to find his daughter is poetic and mysterious and has a strikingly intense and unique visual style. The announcement was made yesterday evening .

f for film presents Los Muertos directed by Lisandro Alonso


Production : 4L, Fortuna Films, Slot machine
Cast: Argentino Vargas

Cannes 2004 (Directors’ Fortnight), Best Film Torino 2004, Fipresci Award Viennale 2004,Sarajevo 2004, Edimbourg 2004,Pusan 2004, Toronto 2004, Gijon 2004, Sao Paolo 2004, Melbourne 2005


A 54 year old man gets out of jail in the Province of Corrientes, Argentina. Once released, he wants to find his now adult daughter who lives in a swampy and remote area. To get there, he must cross great distances in a small boat on the rivers scoring deep in the jungle. Vargas is a quiet and self-contained man, he possesses the restraint of those living close to nature. A deep mystery surrounds him, the people he encounters and that places he comes by, that takes in the unalterable world he finds almost unchanged after his long years of incarceration.

Excerpt from the press:

The slow-moving minimalism of new Argentine cinema finds its poet and master in Lisandro Alonso, whose mysterious journey upriver in "Los Muertos" follows very similar lines to his feature bow, "Freedom." This elegantly concise work, which certainly induces a meditative mood, will confirm Alonso's unusual talent for a limited circle of admirers, but will need special handling and critical support to reach the larger arthouse crowd....

By Deborah Young, VARIETY

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